What Benefits Will I Receive From Replatforming My Commerce Solution?

Ecompromo | February 23, 2021 | Web Marketing

With the advancement of technology and ever evolving customer habits, many companies have been increasingly entertaining the idea of replatforming, but are still hesitant. Why? Well for starters:

  • The task of replatforming can quickly turn into an extensive and expensive project.
  • The past investment of a previous platform is hard to let go of.
  • And the risk of a new investment not working could cost you your job.

These are all valid reasons for contemplation, however, replatforming can bring many benefits to your company that you may be missing out on.

Benefits of Replatforming

Flexible Customization

Traditional incumbent platforms were designed to quickly spin up website only experiences to embark on your commerce journey. However, due to the rigid architecture, customization has been quite burdensome and oftentimes impossible. By replatforming to a more flexible solution that leverages MACH based technology, both your technical and business teams could benefit from having more control of designing unique commerce experiences to outpace competitors.

Elastic Scalability

Every business’ ideal goal is to continuously grow and maximize on revenue. So the last thing you will want is a solution that is unable to sustain that growth. According to a study conducted by Forrester, Understanding TCO When Evaluating E-Commerce Solutions “74% …read more

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