How Composable Commerce Can Help to Deliver a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Ecompromo | March 16, 2021 | Web Marketing

Originally posted on MMT Digital’s blog

The global pandemic has accelerated long-term customer experience trends with consumers increasingly shifting from physical to digital channels and changing their shopping behaviors:

  • The flight to digital and omnichannel is likely to continue, with an increase in intent to spend online of up to 40%*, even post-pandemic.
  • Consumers have become less loyal, with 61%* trying a new brand or shopping method.
  • Of consumers who tried a new digital shopping method, 83%* intend to continue to incorporate it into their routines long term. ‚Äč

*Source: McKinsey & Company – Survey: UK consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis (December 2020)

Brands need to rapidly adapt to changes in order to acquire new customers and retain their existing base. With such frequent changes in the environment and customer behaviors, we recommend that brands embrace these six principles:

  • Cater to the needs of digitally native buyers supporting diverse traditional and digital touchpoints. This includes retail, web and mobile stores, social media, call centres, augmented and virtual reality, connected devices and more.
  • Breakaway from the competition by creating differentiated customer experiences that convey the brand’s unique selling proposition.
  • Maximize conversion rates with personalized, contextual experiences that target the right customers with the right content and offerings (proposition through …read more

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