6 New Composable Commerce Solutions for D2C brands

Ecompromo | February 25, 2021 | Web Marketing

Implementation of digital initiatives is risky hard work. According to 4PM, 70% of IT projects either run over budget, don’t meet the required deadlines, don’t achieve planned business objectives or utterly fail. If a digital initiative revolves around the implementation of a headless commerce solution at it’s core, the risks become even more apparent. This is especially relevant for the growing number of D2C brands. Majority of these brands are looking for a comprehensive commerce solution that supports global business, multiple touchpoints and can work with several brands and product lines. Yet, they often don’t have large IT departments to support large and complex IT projects. In this blog post we will discuss challenges in detail and how the six Pre-Composed Solutions launched by Elastic Path and Myplanet address them.

Headless Commerce implementation challenges

In any headless commerce initiative there are three major aspects of solution implementation and operation:

  • Integration of multiple independent business applications. Integrations are one of the most time consuming aspects of implementation. Even if you are integrating applications with well-defined APIs and integration points, the process still takes significant amount of effort due to applications having different data schemas and other complexities.
  • Touchpoint on-boarding. The whole point of composing …read more

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