Why You Should Use Adjusted Bounce Rate and How to Set It Up

Ecompromo | October 13, 2015 | SEO Resources

Posted by RobBeirne

We need to talk about bounce rate.

Now, before I begin ranting, I’d just like to put on the record that bounce rate can, in certain cases, be a useful metric that can, when viewed in the context of other metrics, give you insights on the performance of the content on your website. I accept that. However, it is also a metric which is often misinterpreted and is, in a lot of cases, misleading.

We’ve gone on the record with our thoughts on bounce rate as a metric, but it’s still something that crops up on a regular basis.

The problem with bounce rate

Put simply, bounce rate doesn’t do what a lot of people think it does: It does not tell you whether people are reading and engaging with your content in any meaningful way.

Let’s make sure we’re all singing the same song on what exactly bounce rate means.

According to Google, “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).”

In simple terms, a bounce is recorded when someone lands on your website and then leaves the site without visiting another page …read more

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