Why is Citation Consistency Important?

Ecompromo | December 28, 2017 | Web Marketing

Local SEO consulting

Citation consistency is very impactful on the Local SEO for businesses that have a physical location such as law firms, nursing homes, doctor offices, rehab centers, apartment complexes & commercial property, etc.

Essentially, citation consistency acts as a trust factor for Google, and can impact your rankings, and whether or not you’ll appear in the Local Search results.

Here’s the basics. Google crawls the web, and can gather your business information. But, what if your business data is inaccurate? Or, Google sends you to a business that doesn’t exist. You’ll probably stop relying on Google. So, Google wants all their data to be fresh and accurate to provide the user with the best and most relevant results. To keep you coming back to them. Now you can understand how this becomes a trust factor. Can Google trust your information is accurate?

Google can grab your business information from business directories, phone directories, review sites, news sites, etc.

The more times the web mentions your business, the greater confidence Google has in your information. Every mention and citation builds the confidence that Google has to show your listing.

However, different phone numbers, addresses, website URLs, even …read more

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