Virtual Versus Augmented Reality? Which one will win out?

Ecompromo | September 21, 2017 | Web Marketing

Apple iPhoneX

With the launch of iPhone X and ARKit, augmented reality has taken a giant leap toward becoming a mainstream technology rather than just a feature of immersive gaming apps. Both Apple (ARKit) and Google (ARCore) are making AR central to their mobile experiences. That means companies creating new digital customer experiences can start thinking about how to harness AR for ecommerce purposes. Brands can extend interactive, transactional experiences to customers wherever they are – as long as they have a mobile device in hand.

iPhone X is the thin edge of the AR wedge

Today, with the very top-end devices supporting AR, leading brands may consider matching their premium offerings with a premium customer experience. Today, ARKit works on iOS devices with A9 or later processors. However, as AR technology becomes popular and devices can accommodate it, more and more devices will incorporate it. For sellers, the idea of using AR will become more attractive.

You don’t have to stretch too far to see the future of digital stores could be a 3-D game-like shopping experience, placing the customer “inside.” TJ-Maxx’s hilarious new online store notwithstanding, these interactions probably will not mirror the in-store experience. Rather they could present …read more

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