To Get Ahead with Customer Experience You Need Headless Commerce

Ecompromo | November 8, 2017 | Web Marketing

Silos diagram customer experience

Is your single-stack ecommerce platform limiting your customer experience and your company’s ability to innovate? Compare the capabilities of traditional single-stack ecommerce solutions with headless commerce modern solutions.

Single-stack ecommerce solutions

What is a single-stack ecommerce solution?

Traditional ecommerce systems couple the front-end presentation layer with the commerce engine. This creates siloed solutions for mobile, web and other channels, resulting in communication challenges with each other. Adding new front-end experiences involves working with backend code, and often requires specialized developers skilled in the stack’s language.

Ultimately this means there are many things a business can’t do, and many problems that take a long time to fix. This affects both the customer, and the business.

Even the smallest modifications are rigorous and expensive with siloed systems, which ultimately limit innovative customer experiences.

Impact on customer experience

  • Inconsistent experience. If content, pricing, promotions and inventory are not perfectly synced in real-time across all channels, the customer has an inconsistent or unreliable experience.
  • Disjointed experiences. When systems and data are siloed, the enterprise can’t connect the customer journey across all experience touchpoints, or accurately measure the contribution of innovation to business performance. A customer on their mobile may not be able to access …read more

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