The SEO Myth of Going Viral

Ecompromo | November 15, 2016 | SEO Resources

Posted by EarnedMarketing

If you’ve been to any SEO conferences over the past few years, you’ve likely heard something along the lines of this:

“Links are still really important for organic search rankings. But the way we go about getting those links has changed… it’s now all about content marketing.”

The general premise is that great, “rank-worthy” content gets links, which in turn builds up your site’s authority, which subsequently gives a boost to the search rankings of both that specific content piece and the domain as a whole. And following the same logic, content that does spectacularly well in earning links ought to have spectacular and lasting SEO results.

Sounds great on paper, and it even makes sense when you think about it logically. You build better content that readers enjoy, so the quality of your site goes up, and Google rewards your ever-improving site with better rankings.

Except that’s not what I’m seeing. Not by a long way.

Today I’m going to put across the hypothesis that viral content, at least in certain scenarios, has little to no benefit for domain-wide search engine rankings. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at some websites that have absolutely smashed it with viral content, including:

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