The Rise of the Digital Experience Platform

Ecompromo | May 6, 2016 | Web Marketing


Increasingly, consumers are engaging brands via multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions experienced through texting, phone apps, websites and social media are essential to business growth and profitability. Companies capable of optimizing digital experiences will be well positioned for the long haul. Industry analysts are seeing a resurgence of projects and investments in flexible technologies that have reliably demonstrated an ability to help generate sales, save money, improve loyalty, or solve customer service problems. Chief among them are integrated digital experience strategies.

Many businesses are finding the potential of consistent, cross-media digital experiences elusive. Charged with the responsibility to deliver websites, mobile apps, and in-store systems — all supporting digital experience initiatives, IT executives are discovering that they simply do not have all of the technologies they need.

Single Vendors Are Not the Silver Bullet to Integration
In their search for a silver bullet, some have fallen for the promise that a single-vendor solution can solve their woes. Sadly, one size does not fit all. In a world where legacy technology is not going to magically disappear, best-of-breed point solutions coupled to a flexible integration strategy make more sense than ever.

All too often companies make the mistake of overinvesting in features and underinvesting …read more

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