The 3 C’s of Commerce that Build Customer Delight and Loyalty

Ecompromo | February 8, 2018 | Web Marketing

modern commerce venn diagram

Commerce has evolved beyond the cart into an entire ecosystem. It’s not enough to have a beautiful website, a drop-down catalog, and bug-free checkout. All your competitors are doing exactly the same thing. The leading brands don’t sell a product, they sell an experience.

Experience-driven commerce is generated by engaging customers across different touchpoints in different ways and integrating your product into their daily routines. However, it’s not just about being ubiquitous, but being useful. You are there when they need you, you meet their needs in a personal and timely way, and they don’t even need to think when they click “Buy.”

The 3 C’s of commerce (and the technology and platforms that enable it) create that moment of delight. Anybody can sell a product, but only your brand can deliver it this way – and that is something people are willing to pay for.

Commerce in content

Traditionally, content was the “sales talk” that supported commerce. Digital catalogs and videos wooed and educated customers, then pushed customers to a link on a website. Apps provided an additional service or way to collect emails, and blogs gave SEO, and a reason to visit a site. However, brand communication and commerce …read more

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