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Ecompromo | August 6, 2020 | SEO Resources

Over the past year, we have been working to upgrade the infrastructure of the Image: Search Console API changes in Google Cloud Console

You can monitor your API usage on the new Google Search Console API page.

API key restriction changes

As mentioned in the introduction, these instructions are important only if you query the data yourself or provide a tool that does that for your users.

To check if you have an API restriction active on your API key, follow these steps in the credentials page and make sure the Search Console API is not restricted. If you have added an API restriction for your API keys you will need to take action by August 31.

In order to allow your API calls to be migrated automatically to the new API infrastructure, you need to make sure the Google Search Console API is not restricted.

  • If your API restrictions are set to “Don’t restrict key” you’re all set.
  • If your API restrictions are set to “Restrict key”, the Search Console API should be checked as shown in the image below.
Image: Google Search Console API restrictions setting

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