Prepare for mobile-first indexing (with a little extra time)

Ecompromo | July 21, 2020 | SEO Resources

(Caption: desktop version with 10 thumbnails / mobile version with 2 thumbnails)

In this case, Googlebot won’t click the button to load the 8 images, so Google won’t see those images. The result is that they won’t be indexed or shown in Google Images. Follow Google’s lazy-loading best practices, and lazy load content automatically based on its visibility in the viewport.

Be aware of what you block

Some resources have different URLs on the mobile version from those on the desktop version, sometimes they are served on different hosts. If you want Google to crawl your URLs, make sure you’re not disallowing crawling of them with your robots.txt file.

For example, blocking the URLs of .css files will prevent Googlebot from rendering your pages correctly, which can harm the ranking of your pages in Search. Similarly, blocking the URLs of images will make these images disappear from Google Images.

Make sure primary …read more

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