#NoHacked 3.0: Tips on prevention

Ecompromo | December 14, 2017 | SEO Resources

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Understanding how your site was compromised is an important part of protecting your site from attacks, here sometop ways that sites get compromised by spammers.

  • Be mindful of your sources! Be very careful of a free premium theme/plugin!

You probably have heard about free premium plugins! If you’ve ever stumbled upon a site offering you plugins you normally have to purchase for free, be very careful. Many hackers lure you in by copying a popular plugin and then add backdoors or malware that will allow them to access your site. Read more about a similar case on the Sucuri blog. Additionally, even legit good quality plugins and themes can become dangerous if:

  • you do not update them as soon as a new version becomes available
  • the developer of said theme or plugin does not update them, and they become old over time.

In any case, keeping all your site’s software modern and updated is essential in keeping hackers out of your website.

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