New Visual Search Photo Features from Google

Ecompromo | March 29, 2016 | SEO Resources

Visual Search Image outlining

These details come from an anonymous source who also gave us a bit more details on the project. The report states there will be a new feature integrated, allowing users to outline specific areas of the image in order to directly target their searches.

In Google Goggles, one can only search the whole image, which has proven to bring plenty of discrepancies. Images often display plenty of distractions, background items and other objects that may throw off a search result. According to the sketch provided, the system will also be able to recommend retailers for purchasing products, as well as other details.

Furthermore, it is said this technology has also been tested in “wearable computing devices”. This could suggest this technology may come to products like Google Glass and possibly even VR (or AR) headsets.

Google Camera app rumored to get Google Goggles functionality

Today we’re to understand – from an anonymous source, as it were – that Google may soon be releasing a new camera feature they’ve had in testing for some time. This feature would allow the user to use their standard Google Camera app to search for information based on what they’re able to see – but more than that.

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