New Finding Events Feature at Google Search

Ecompromo | May 11, 2017 | SEO Resources

sports events near me

This week Google rolled out an event finder on its mobile search app. You can read about it on:

Google Search will now help you find nearby events

The techcrunch article tells us that Google is working on suggestions for developers to have their events listed in search results – so we should be keeping an eye out for those as they get published.

I wrote about a patent here, in a post in November that talked about Ranking Events in Google Search Results, which focused upon a Google patent that had been granted August 23, 2016 titled Ranking events.

This feature is available in the United States starting today; but the Techcrunch article tells us that there are no plans for international expansion.

I tried a search for “sports events near me” on my phone this morning, and I did get the following result:

I’m wondering what events results look like in more urban areas. I did also search for music events:

Google Music Events Near Me

I suspect that this new feature might get a lot of use from people looking for something to do.

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