Mobile First and Progressive Web Design – Impact on SEO and Publishers

Ecompromo | January 4, 2017 | Web Marketing

Mobile First and Progressive Web Design

Web App Design Insights: Mobile First, Progressive and Everything Between
You know that you want to publish engaging web content, but you’re struggling to decide between mobile-first and progressive design strategies. Although you could just wing it and see what emerges as you create code and other assets, your choices will have huge impacts on how users ultimately receive your software and how easily you can maintain it. Use the following insights to select a development philosophy that points you towards application success.

What Kind of Content Should You Create?

Every app is unique, but the distinctions run deeper than aesthetic appearances. Two apps with identical core functionalities will most likely be wildly different in terms of the experiences that users get from them. Many of these variations come down to whether you create a mobile-first website or a progressive web app.

Defining Mobile First

Mobile-first is a design consideration where developers place a heavy precedence on tailoring experiences to mobile platforms. This is also known as progressive enhancement. Basically, you perfect your website at the smallest possible screen size before moving on to bigger devices. This strategy makes it possible to create a responsive design that retains its functionality across distinct platforms.[1]

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