Leveraging microservices for your business, Part 2: The good and the bad

Ecompromo | February 11, 2019 | Web Marketing

In this article, senior architect Matt Bishop reviews the benefits and difficulties with a microservice architecture. While avoiding the “anti-patterns” and horror stories that are prevalent while sticking to the architecture qualities themselves.

Quick recap on considering microservices

In the first installment of the microservices series it laid out the definition of microservices from their qualities – loosely coupled, service-oriented and bounded contexts. These qualities enable a lot of things, but they also suffer some challenges.

The Good

A well-built microservices system delivers fundamental implementation independence. The services in the system are largely independent of each other and free to develop at their own pace. The system release changes often, without much coordination between the components. Over time the system acts more like an ecosystem where the whole business is supported by the coordination and ever-improving capabilities found therein.

An ecosystem like this has some observable characteristics:

  • Small Teams: Amazon calls these “2-pizza” teams, where the entire team could be fed dinner on two pizzas. This small size reduces the need for process and management as they communicate with each other and share the goals and work internally. The team knows their bounded context and the shared identifiers they must work with. They understand their …read more

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