ICF Interactive’s 10 for ’16: The Ins and Outs on eCommerce, the Digital Transformation, and Customer Experience Management

Ecompromo | December 9, 2015 | Web Marketing


Fred Faulkner, Marketing Director at ICF Interactive, was recently interviewed for CMSWire’s Discussion Point: What’s on Your 2016 Digital Radar? while at Gilbane Conference. Essentially, he states that while brands will need to invest in marketing, experience, and content management technology platforms, digital success will be determined by the ways in which an organization staffs and trains its teams.

That’s our #1 prediction for 2016. Read on for nine more predictions, trends, and ways to revolutionize engagements for the new realities of the New Year.

2. IN: The re-introduction of the human element across the customer journey.
Automated process implementations, technology investments, and digital solution development have been of the highest priority, commanding all-hands-on-deck attention and healthy budgets. While we don’t see these aspects of evolutionary business practices abating anytime soon, we suspect that in order for brands to bridge the gap between omnichannel strategy and flawless execution, we’ll start to see more person-to-person interactions.

3. OUT: Piecemeal and legacy systems.
IN: Holistic and strategic digital ecosystem applications.
Many organizations have benefitted from extending existing technology platforms and applications to solve new business challenges brought about by the constantly-connected consumer. However, as customer expectations have shifted with a speed not previously seen, …read more

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