How to Select an Enterprise Commerce Platform - 4 Questions to Ask

Ecompromo | November 16, 2016 | Web Marketing


Digital commerce has changed business forever.
Ten years ago, who would have predicted the massive changes that mobile phones would make? Or that most enterprise software would be running in the cloud?

Commerce today is about customer experience, relationships and personalization. It’s about discovery, attachment and intimacy. Even more, it’s about being able to power business models you haven’t even conceived yet.

For example, what is your commerce of things strategy? When will you be launching your first social commerce experience? The companies at the top of every industry are all working on these challenges and more. They know that their future depends on being able to pivot quickly, taking advantage of new touchpoints and technologies as soon as they arrive. The question is which commerce platform to choose?

From our experience, there are four key questions:

1. Does our business demand continuous differentiation?
Does your company need to continuously differentiate itself from others through a superior user experience?

Some businesses compete on price. Others have a geographic focus that guarantees business. These kinds of business do not always require continuous differentiation. But, if your company is a leader in your industry, brand differentiation through customer experience will be of utmost importance. Choose an …read more

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