How to Get All Your Search Console Data from the API (Plus, Learn How to Use Python)

Ecompromo | April 5, 2017 | SEO Resources

Posted by Dom-Woodman

What will you learn from this post?

  • How to get lots of Search Console data quickly and easily
  • How to run a Python script

And who can do it? Hopefully, it should be accessible to any beginner.

Why do we use the API to get Search Console data?

At Distilled, we often want to use Google Search Console data, but getting it from the interface is incredibly clunky:

  • You’re limited to the top 1,000 queries
  • You have to apply each filter one at a time
  • The interface is slow
  • And if you want to do this regularly, you have to repeat this process often.

We can get around that by using the API. Now we can get up to 5,000 queries at a time, we can apply multiple filters instantly, and we can run multiple queries quickly and easily.

We do this with Python.

Why is it useful to be able to run Python scripts?

Being able to run scripts is incredibly valuable. There are lots of amazing scripts out there, both on Github and written by other people in the industry; using them, you can pull down data more quickly and faster than you otherwise could.

We’ll be using Python for this tutorial because it’s a very popular language, particularly …read more

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