How Google May Use Schema Vocabulary to Reduce Duplicate Content in Search Results

Ecompromo | October 11, 2015 | SEO Resources

Faceted Search organization

One of the challenges of optimizing an ecommerce site that has lots of filtering and sorting options can be to try to create a click path through the site so that all the pages on the site that you want indexed by a search engine get crawled and indexed. This could require setting up the site so that some URLs are stopped from being crawled and indexed by use of the site’s robots.txt file, the use of parameter handling, with some pages having meta robots elements that are listed as being set as noindex.

If that kind of care isn’t performed on a site, a lot more URLs on the site might be crawled and indexed than there should be. I worked on one ecommerce site that offered around 3,000 products and category pages; and had around 40,000 pages indexed in Google that included versions of URLs from the site that included http and https protocols, www and non-www subdomains, and many URLs that included sorting and filtering data parameters. After I reduced the site to a number of URLs that was closer to the number of products if offered, those pages ended up ranking better in …read more

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