How Ecommerce Made in North America is Set to Shake Up Lifestyle Fashion in Asia Pacific

Ecompromo | August 23, 2017 | Web Marketing

The Asia Pacific region is enjoying a retail spending boom. Steady economic growth has led to huge populations with more money to spend – and clothing and accessories are at the top of their shopping lists.

  • Emerging online markets such as China and India have had double-digit growth rates in ecommerce apparel sales (

    Executives surveyed in the State of Fashion 2017, a joint study made by Business of Fashion and McKinsey, calls e-commerce “the single biggest opportunity of 2016.” More than 60% said they would be investing more in omnichannel integration, ecommerce and digital marketing.

    Agile ecommerce platforms help companies leapfrog to the top

    Companies looking to expand globally need an e-commerce platform that can keep up with their growth and provide consistently positive shopping experiences, whether they are selling in Saskatchewan, Canada or Singapore, Malaysia. Challenges include:

    • Scalability. The platform must be able to keep up with transaction volumes, especially during peak seasons like back-to-school and Black Friday.
    • Customization. A new market requires changes in price, currency, language, tax regimes and available inventory among others. Certain features may have to be disabled for some regions.
    • Speed-to-market. Platforms should allow rapid deployment to different countries, and be easily adapted for new technologies or opportunities. …read more

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