Google’s Related Questions Patent or ‘People Also Ask’ Questions

Ecompromo | March 6, 2017 | SEO Resources

Google Related Questions

When you search at Google, the answers you receive sometimes now include additional questions, that often have the label above them, “People Also Ask.” I was curious if I might be able to find a patent about these questions, and I saw that they were sometimes referred to as “related questions.”

An article at Moz today on the topic was interesting: Infinite ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes: Research and SEO Opportunities. The answers about how these related questions are decided upon seems to have a simpler origin as described in Google’s patent, but it is interesting comparing the ideas from that post with the patent.

I searched through Google patent search for “related questions” and I came up with a patent named, “Generating related questions for search queries”. When I looked at the screenshots that accompanied the patent, they appeared to be very similar to the “People also ask” type questions Google shows us today in search results.

What does a dog bark mean?

The patent provides some information about how Google gets these related questions.

It appears that Google looks at a query it receives and after receiving …read more

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