Google to Offer Combined Content (Paid and Organic) Search Results

Ecompromo | June 7, 2018 | SEO Resources

Combined Content Search Results

Google Introduces Combined Content Results

When Google patents talk about paid search, they refer to those paid results as “content” rather than as advertisements.

A recent patent from Google (Combining Content with Search Results) tells us about how Google might identify when organic search results might be about specific entities, such as brands. It may also recognize when paid results are about the same brands, whether they might be products from those brands.

In the event that a set of search results contains high ranking organic results from a specific brand, and a paid search result from that same brand, the process described in the patent might allow for the creation of a combined content result of the organic result with the paid result.

Merging Local and Organic Results in the Past

When I saw this new patent, it brought back memories of when Google found a way to merge organic search results with local search results. The day after I wrote about that, in the following post, I received a call from a co-worker who asked me if I had any idea why a top ranking organic result for a client might have disappeared from Google’s search results. …read more

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