Goodbye News, Hello Top Stories

Ecompromo | December 11, 2016 | SEO Resources

Posted by Dr-Pete

In October of 2014, Google launched “In the news“, replacing their traditional news vertical results with a broader range of sources from across the web. Last week, Google’s news results were shaken up again with the launch of “Top Stories”, a card-style set of featured stories. Here’s an example from a search for “John Glenn”:

Even John Glenn’s death somehow can’t escape becoming a Trump story, but that’s a topic for another time. What do we know about the shift to “Top Stories”, and does this indicate a change in the way Google defines what’s newsworthy? Let’s start with the data…

Vital statistics

The following data was captured on Friday, December 9th across a tracking set of 10,000 keywords. These keywords cover a wide range of categories and types. Prior to the changes last week, “In the news” fluctuated on a weekly cycle (peaking mid-week), but occurred on somewhere between 10-15% of the keywords we track daily:

As of Friday, “In the news” had fallen to less than 2% of searches in the tracking set, and “Top Stories” spiked quickly to almost 13% (in the same range as “In the news” previously). None of the searches in our tracking …read more

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