Giving Duplicate Listing Management the Upgrade it Deserves

Ecompromo | August 9, 2016 | SEO Resources

Posted by George-Freitag

Duplicate listings have been a plague to local search marketers since local search was a thing. When Moz Local first introduced duplicate closure in the fall of 2014, the goal was to address the horribly time-consuming task of finding and closing all those duplicate listings causing problems in Google, Bing, and various mapping platforms. Though we’ve consistently been making improvements to the tool’s performance (we’ll get into this later), the dashboard itself has remained largely unchanged.

Not anymore. Today, we’re proud to announce our brand new duplicate management dashboard for Moz Local:

Here’s a rundown of the features you can look for in the Moz Local upgrade:

  1. New Duplicates Dashboard providing full visibility and transparency of duplicate listings at each stage of the workflow — open, reviewed, and closed — for all of your listings or any subset
  2. Enhanced duplicates workflow making detecting, reviewing, and closing duplicate listings in Moz Local even easier through advanced filters
  3. Enhanced duplicate management for faster and more accurate duplicate listing detection, submission, and tracking across all of Moz Local’s partner networks

This duplicate management update represents a new standard in the industry and will help our users be more productive and efficient …read more

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