Frictionless Commerce – the future of customer experience is seamless

Ecompromo | January 3, 2019 | Web Marketing

Dominio's Mobile App

As we close out 2018, there’s a lot of new experiences (like checkout-free stores), surprising acquisitions (like the Amazon/Whole Foods merger) and more to reflect on and leverage for the year ahead. In 2018, brands experimented more freely with voice and video technology, leveraged AI to improve customer experiences and took bigger steps towards unifying their commerce strategies.

Every year brands raise the bar for improved commerce experiences. As standards rise, so do customer expectations. With 2019 upon us, here are the big developments from last year that will have major implications in the year ahead:

  • Frictionless commerce becomes the norm
    We’ve seen a clear example of this shift in the quick serve restaurant space, with brands embracing mobile and online ordering to enable the most frictionless commerce interactions. Think about the last time you waited in line at a Starbucks — you might have felt like quite the schmuck ordering at the counter while everyone else walked in and out with their mobile orders. Domino’s, a leader in this regard, even boasted that it aims to become a fully digital-only brand — a future that’s likely for …read more

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