Four Things You May Not Know About API-First Commerce

Ecompromo | September 19, 2018 | Web Marketing

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API-first commerce, a.k.a. “headless commerce” is quickly becoming the talk among many commerce teams. It offers a seamless way to go beyond the traditional webstore to shoppable videos, kiosks, magic mirrors, Alexa, virtual and augmented reality use cases. In fact, there are trailblazing early adopters that use API-first commerce for checkout via Facebook chatbot. A major cruise line offers stylish wearable medallions that serve as a key to a room as well as the form of ID and payment for services on a luxury ship. Most recently, Marriott announced that Alexa will be the butler in select Marriott hotels to elevate customer experience.

With “headless commerce” becoming a go-to commerce application for innovative brands and service providers, there are a few benefits that are often overlooked:

1. Any front layer is game: There is a perception in the market that a headless platform requires a content management system (CMS) or a digital experience platform (DXP). This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any front-end layer works! In fact, with a headless approach, you can unleash your marketing team and creative agency to deliver next generation customer experience without the limitations imposed by pre-built templates in …read more

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