Five Secret Google Analytics Reports You Need to be Using Right Now

Ecompromo | February 17, 2016 | Web Marketing

Network report - Google Analytics

Disclaimer: While Google Analytics has its SEO applications (understatement!), we’ve also found broader uses for the platform. So while this post does discuss some SEO concepts, it doesn’t focus exclusively on SEO.

With Google Analytics, it’s all about cutting out the noise and identifying the data that’s the most important for your business. Custom reports are great for segmenting your site’s traffic data. Analytics, after all, is a massive data puke, so extracting useful information can completely transform your organizational decision making.
Little known fact, however – there are a number of standard reports that have their uses as well. Quel surprise! (Although, of course, they require some minor customizations as well. Must…segment…)
Below are our five favorite standard reports, as well as their practical uses:
  1. Network. Nested deep within the Audience tab of Google Analytics lies the Network report.
    Once you’ve filtered out all of the standard service providers – Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, etc. – you have a very specific list of companies and universities that have visited your site. It’s a great place to start cold calling.
    Practical application: Sales
  2. Affinity categories. The Affinity Categories report extracts data from Google’s display network and outlines the primary areas of interest for …read more

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