Experience-Driven Commerce: 6 Ways to Become an Experience Business

Ecompromo | July 20, 2017 | Web Marketing

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Use Technology with a Purpose

Technology is a means to an end. Use it only if it adds to the customer’s digital experience or builds your business. If it leads to slow load times or adds unnecessary clicks or layers of information, take it out.

The best technology leads to concrete benefits that solves a problem, simplifies a process, or elevates an experience. For example, the luxury cruise line Carnival introduced the Medallion: a small wearable that’s connected to each guest and interacts with 7,000 sensors on the ship’s decks. It provides personalized recommendations, activates temperature controls the second you walk through the door and helps you locate family members. Even though it’s based on breakthrough technology, it still responds to a universal need: the chance to switch off your brain and have fun during your vacation.

Increase Customer Touch Points

Domino’s is consistently one of the top 10 companies in terms of online transactions, alongside giants like Amazon and Apple. Customers can order a pizza through the website, app, tweeting the pizza emoticon, or partner sites. They can also follow their order’s progress, and interact with people at every stage. “Hold the anchovies!”

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