Do I really have to lose my “head” to replatform my commerce solution?

Ecompromo | November 15, 2018 | Web Marketing

If you want to stay competitive, the answer is yes.

Replatforming any technology solution is never an easy undertaking – humans by nature are opposed to any kind of change, especially one that could cause major disruptions. Therefore, discussing the notion of replatforming your commerce solution is usually brought on with some protest.

However, there is a customer-centric commerce platform revolution unfolding and it’s all powered by APIs. An API-first,“headless commerce” solution is becoming the go-to commerce application for modern, cutting-edge brands and service providers.

The monolithic commerce solutions that exist today were built back in the ‘90s when there was only one digital touchpoint to worry about – the web.

  • Intershop, 1992
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce, 1996
  • Oracle Commerce (formerly ATG), 1997
  • SAP (formerly hybris), 1997

Today, consumers use an average of six touchpoints to make a purchase.

With today’s emerging technologies and the ever-growing consumer touchpoints, it is not enough to just upgrade your current monolithic commerce system. Yes, some of the monoliths are beginning to add API functionality, but they are doing so as an afterthought. They were never intended or designed to be headless, and their APIs are disjointed and not optimized.

If you select to upgrade your legacy system and go through the …read more

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