Convert your mobile browsers into buyers with these recommendations

Ecompromo | January 7, 2019 | Web Marketing

Consumers, on average use five to six touchpoints before making a purchase – and for those multi-device shoppers their commerce journey starts and ends on smartphones. And not all journeys end with a conversion.

Based on data from comScore there are five reasons mobile shoppers don’t convert:

  • 2% — security concerns
  • 6% — unclear product details
  • 6% — inability to open multiple browser tabs to compare
  • 3% — difficulty navigating
  • 6% — difficulty inputting information

How do retailers solve for these five challenges?


Filling out transaction forms with addresses and credit card numbers often leave shoppers weary – over 60% of consumers won’t complete a purchase if the site is missing a trust logo. Therefore, in addition to the SSL certificate, retailers’ transaction forms should include well-known and trusted security logos clearly visible and close to transaction forms.

Product information

Retailers’ product pages should be more focused on the details that matter to the target buyer versus keyword priorities. Retailers need to provide as much detail as possible and have it read simple enough for anyone to fully understand. Product description pages need to include: product measurements, available colors, model or item numbers, photos and videos. The feature image of the product also serves as …read more

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