The Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make in Implementing B2B Ecommerce

December 10, 2018 | Web Marketing
B2B ecommerce has exploded to become a major force in the US Economy, and an exciting new selling channel in many traditional industries. Forrester Research reports that the B2B ecommerce market totaled $889 billion in 2017. By 2020, that number is projected to eclipse $1.2 trillion. B2B ecommerce has quietly grown to surpass the size of the more visible B2C ecommerce marketplace, today accounting for 2.5 the volume of B2C online purchases. W
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The future of retail continues with Nike

December 6, 2018 | Web Marketing
We reported earlier on Nike and how the brand is unlocking the future of retail with experiential shopping at their latest flagship store in New York City. In 2018, Nike opened four flagship stores across the globe – reshaping their stores around the consumer. Source: Nike, Inc.“All the best retailers are moving toward experiential environments” said Heidi O'Neil, President of Nike Direct in an Archinect article. Nike Direct, is a division
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How Negative Feedback Can Improve Customer Retention

December 3, 2018 | Web Marketing
If you run an ecommerce business, then you know how important customer retention is. And getting customer feedback is directly linked to customer retention. Nobody gets everything right all the time, but sometimes there are consistent weak spots that can really damage your business reputation. Whether it's slow shipping, a difficult checkout or constantly being out of stock for popular items, it's important that customers have a way to let you kn
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Emerging tech to meet B2B buyer expectations 

November 26, 2018 | Web Marketing
It is estimated that the US alone will generate over $1.2 trillion in business to business  ecommerce sales by 2021. With a market of that size, B2B organizations need to start planning now as to how they'll compete for a piece of that trillion-dollar share.  In order to compete, companies must differentiate – and that comes down to the customer experiences they deliver. B2B buyers want  the same digital commerce  experiences
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Dependency Upgrades: why commerce software engineers need a policy and process  

November 19, 2018 | Web Marketing
For most commerce software engineers, dependency management includes upgrades and best practice suggests upgrading dependencies proactively. In order to ensure a smooth process and one that is maintained properly, it is best to have a well-defined policy and process. Why you need a policy and  process  All software depends on other software to accomplish useful tasks. Even the smallest  hello world  program depends on the libraries of
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Did Nike just unlock the code for the future of retail?

November 16, 2018 | Web Marketing
Originally reported at Fast Company Nike's six-story, NYC-based flagship store just opened (November 15, 2018) and with it a plethora of digital features have been rolled out in-store. According to Nike's Chief Design Officer, John Hoke, the future of retail is a mix between digital and physical. And it looks like they've accomplished just that – aiming to make shopping in-store as convenient as shopping online. The store definitely offers an e
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Do I really have to lose my “head” to replatform my commerce solution?

November 15, 2018 | Web Marketing
If you want to stay competitive, the answer is yes. Replatforming any technology solution is never an easy undertaking – humans by nature are opposed to any kind of change, especially one that could cause major disruptions. Therefore, discussing the notion of replatforming your commerce solution is usually brought on with some protest. However, there is a customer-centric commerce platform revolution unfolding and it's all powered by APIs. An A
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Is Your Commerce System Vulnerable to Meltdown on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (UPDATED)

November 14, 2018 | Web Marketing
Last year's holiday shopping season was another record-breaker. Adobe reported that the 2017 holiday ecommerce revenue climbed to $108.2 billion, beating what was previously forecasted by $1 billion. On Black Friday alone, a record $5 billion was reported in sales. Unfortunately, like the year prior, not all brands and retailers were ready for the surge in traffic. Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Macy's, and Lowe's, all experienced online technical issu
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Foundations of Commerce: Grit before Glitz

November 5, 2018 | Web Marketing
The race to get a product or service in front of a customer, or the desire for a customer to want or need a product or service has been running for thousands of years. Around 2700 BC, China mastered the ability to create silk from silkworm protein fibers. Sitting on this monopoly (the emperors of China refused to share the secret of silk production), China traded silk with other countries, creating a luxury “brand.” Demand for silk was so hig
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API-first commerce: Why it’s OK to lose your head

November 2, 2018 | Web Marketing
In an effort to differentiate and compete, top brands are choosing a best-of-breed architectural approach due to the inherent limitations of monolithic commerce applications. As a result, headless API-first commerce is gaining momentum and traction across many industries. So why is it OK to lose your head now? Here are the top challenges to consider: Challenge 1: Lack of control over front-end experiences Traditional full-stack commerce platfo
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