Building a Digital Experience Platform for Modern Commerce: 5 Must-Have Pillars

February 1, 2018 | Web Marketing
The forces of modern commerce have changed all the rules. Lessons learned back in the days of single-screen ecommerce did not adequately prepare us for selling in the age of mobile, augmented reality, conversational commerce, or “thing” commerce. These channels are creating opportunities to monetize products and services along the path to becoming a modern commerce business. Let's look at this from the customer's perspective. A customer's int
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How E-Commerce Can Become Carriers’ ‘Secret Weapon’ to Unified Customer Experiences

January 24, 2018 | Web Marketing
Today's post originally ran on Wireless Week. Against the technical backdrop of increasing expectations for always-on internet and mobile services, many carriers are struggling on the frontend with customer experience. All the interactions — in-store, chatbot, email, phone, text, website, app, messenger service, Facebook — must be unified and personalized. Nearly seven out of 10 carriers believe this will be the single most important factor i
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Experience-Driven Commerce from Elastic Path and Adobe: making every moment shoppable

January 16, 2018 | Web Marketing
Today, at the NRF show in New York, Adobe announced a new set of services to enable experience-driven commerce. Elastic Path and Adobe, together, have been creating exciting new opportunities for retailers seeking to up their game. Elastic Path has always been focused on experience-driven commerce. The products we engineer allow companies to embed commerce in any conceivable current or future customer experience. As far back as 2012, we pioneered
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Commerce Trends for 2018: #1 Personalization in B2B

January 10, 2018 | Web Marketing
For a few years, personalization has been B2C commerce's favorite catch phrase: know your customer, personalize the offers and prices, sell at the right time and keep communicating until you build a relationship and not just a sale. But what about personalization for B2B (business to business) sales? In 2016 Gartner predicted that B2B companies that incorporate personalization into digital commerce will increase revenues by 15%. But do B2C techni
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Why is Citation Consistency Important?

December 28, 2017 | Web Marketing
Citation consistency is very impactful on the Local SEO for businesses that have a physical location such as law firms, nursing homes, doctor offices, rehab centers, apartment complexes & commercial property, etc. Essentially, citation consistency acts as a trust factor for Google, and can impact your rankings, and whether or not you'll appear in the Local Search results. Here's the basics. Google crawls the web, and can gather your busine
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Checkout-less Shopping: Faster Payments, Smarter Customer Data

December 7, 2017 | Web Marketing
A bad checkout experience can lead to an abandoned cart and a tarnished brand image. Surveys show that 70% of customers get irritated by slow or chatty cashiers, and 49% hate seeing closed lines at peak hours. Keep them waiting for 2.5 minutes, and they get annoyed. Keep them waiting for 5 minutes, and half will just leave the store – and likely never return. (Retail Customer Experience). Retail companies have tried to manage this pain point wi
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Is Your Commerce System Vulnerable to Meltdown on Black Friday Cyber Monday?

November 22, 2017 | Web Marketing
During Thanksgiving 2016, Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit record breaking ecommerce sales in the United States. Over 108 million shopped online. Total sales reached $9.36 billion, and mobile sales also broke the $3 billion mark. Online sales outpaced brick and mortar sales, as more people (notably the millennial demographic) chose to surf online for the best deals.1 Unfortunately, not all retailers were ready for the surge in traffic. Macy's, O
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Top 3 Reasons Why 84% of Digital Transformation Projects Fail

November 16, 2017 | Web Marketing
According to Forbes, 7 out of 8 digital transformations fail. The problem is that companies aren't actually transforming, instead they are only attempting to transform by wedging new mobile applications, engagement layers, or channels on old and brittle infrastructure. Frankly, this is not transformation, this is stagnation. Here are some of the most common and expensive mistakes that send well-intentioned digital projects to their doom. 1 You'
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To Get Ahead with Customer Experience You Need Headless Commerce

November 8, 2017 | Web Marketing
Is your single-stack ecommerce platform limiting your customer experience and your company's ability to innovate? Compare the capabilities of traditional single-stack ecommerce solutions with headless commerce modern solutions. Single-stack ecommerce solutions What is a single-stack ecommerce solution? Traditional ecommerce systems couple the front-end presentation layer with the commerce engine. This creates siloed solutions for mo
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Digital commerce is playing a pivotal role in customer experience strategies.

October 25, 2017 | Web Marketing
Digital commerce is playing a pivotal role in customer experience strategies. The world's leading research firm, Gartner, recognized that digital commerce is a key way to acquire customers, develop relationships, drive revenue and reduce costs.1 Digital commerce initiatives affect both operations and customer experience management. They provide more ways to sell products, interact with customers, and differentiate from the competition. In their r
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