How True Value improved online conversions with 360º images

January 7, 2020 | Web Marketing
The True Value Company is one of the world's leading hardline wholesalers with a globally recognized brand providing its customers in over 60 countries an expansive product set with market-customized assortments at highly competitive prices, superior product availability, innovative marketing programs and a la carte value-added services. For retailers with a presence both in physical and online stores like True Value, creating a continuum of t
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5 ways B2B automation will transform your ecommerce business

January 6, 2020 | Web Marketing
What do you think of when someone says the word “automation?” For me, it's robots in factories building cars faster than humans ever could. For you, perhaps automation brings to mind artificially intelligent algorithms spotting patterns in data and making decisions in fractions of a second. As a B2B supplier, maybe you associate automation with marketing automation. But B2B automation doesn't have to be about robot order pickers, self-driv
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What is retention marketing and how to make it successful?

December 25, 2019 | Web Marketing
In plain words, retention marketing is about engaging your existing customers to continue to buy from you again and again. When a customer completes their first order with a brand or retailer, they are 27% more likely to make a second purchase. We all know the more times you entice customers to come back, you increase sales opportunities and average order value (AOV). Retention Marketing Strategy If you're thinking “Hey, it seems chal
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6 industries about to get disrupted by the Amazon-effect

December 24, 2019 | Web Marketing
Only a few organizations have had a significant impact on other sectors as Amazon. From entertainment to consumer products, cloud computing, ecommerce and media, Amazon has hands in nearly every facet of the economy. Only an army of experts can assess what opportunities and threats Amazon is likely to pose to other industries it is rumored or has promised to disrupt. Here are a few sectors that Amazon is shaking up: Consumer Products Am
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Top 10 Get Elastic articles of 2019

December 23, 2019 | Web Marketing
As we all prepare for the new year and set our sights on 2020, we can't ignore the great year that is about to wrap up. We covered a lot of interesting topics on Get Elastic ranging from voice, chatbots, B2B and Amazon. Reflecting on what resonated the most with you, our valued readers, we pulled the top 10 ecommerce articles from 2019. Check ‘em out: The truth about Apple Pay for ecommerceApple reported retail giants J.Crew and Lululemon ha
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No budget in 2020? No problem with PWAs

December 20, 2019 | Web Marketing
With the overwhelming penetration of mobile apps across all aspects of life, organizations are constantly embracing new technologies to deliver better user experience. In this respect, the efforts of app marketplaces like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have been commendable. Google, with its persistent effort, is continuously trying to bridge the gap between web and mobile app user experience. PWAs have been a milestone technology Goog
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Ecommerce lessons from Singles Day: How to plan next year’s holiday outreach

December 18, 2019 | Web Marketing
What originally began as a joke of a holiday on a Chinese university campus on 11/11 (because the number 1 resembles a lonely man), has now become “Singles Day,” the biggest ecommerce shopping day of the year in the world – even outpacing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2009, Alibaba decided to try to capitalize on this cultural phenomenon and has now transformed it into a multi-billion dollar sales and marketing opportunity. This yea
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Should my organization invest in a microservices architecture?

December 17, 2019 | Web Marketing
The number of emerging new touchpoints through which businesses engage costumers is growing at a rapid pace. New business models are evolving and as exciting as that may be, there is a lot of disruption flowing as business and IT systems become more complex. We now have IoT connected devices, chatbots, wearables, not to mention voice and voice search is currently on the rise. How are businesses today supposed to keep up and remain competit
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B2B ecommerce: start with a plan

December 16, 2019 | Web Marketing
When your organization is venturing into new and uncharted ecommerce territory, it's nice to have some guidance or insights into what to expect and more importantly what NOT to do. Thanks to her years of experience and learnings implementing several B2B ecommerce websites, Carla Gonzales is our beacon of digital hope. As Ecommerce Business Manager at Würth Louis & Company, she brings plenty of insight and experience to share. For the mos
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A progressive transformation approach to commerce replatforming [infographic]

December 13, 2019 | Web Marketing
A digital transformation is currently unfolding, and organizations must capitalize on the disruptive trends that are emerging. And in order to do so for many organizations that means replatforming. For years, ecommerce practitioners' only option for replatforming was the “rip and replace” approach, but thanks to modern technology that's not the case today. If you've decided your success lives in an API-first strategy then moving to an API-
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