How to Use Domain Authority for SEO - Whiteboard Friday

March 7, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by Cyrus-ShepardDomain Authority is an incredibly well-known metric throughout the SEO industry, but what exactly is the right way to use it? In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, we're delighted to welcome Cyrus Shepard as he explains both what's new with the new Domain Authority 2.0 update, and how to best harness its power for your own SEO success. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a ne
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Introducing a new JavaScript SEO video series

March 6, 2019 | SEO Resources
We made a new video series on JavaScript SEO that benefits both web developers and SEOs. In the series we want to help making discoverable web apps with JavaScript.JavaScript is popular as it allows to build more engaging web applications. JavaScript frameworks are widely used as they:Improve developer productivity by providing useful utilities and toolingAllow faster prototyping cycles thanks to their ecosystems of components and librariesHelp s
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A Comprehensive Analysis of the New Domain Authority

March 5, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by rjonesx.Moz's Domain Authority is requested over 1,000,000,000 times per year, it's referenced millions of times on the web, and it has become a veritable household name among search engine optimizers for a variety of use cases, from determining the success of a link building campaign to qualifying domains for purchase. With the launch of Moz's entirely new, improved, and much larger link index, we recognized the opportunity to revisit
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March 1st Google Update: The Mysterious Case of the 19-Result SERPs

March 4, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by Dr-PeteLate last week (Feb 28 - Mar 1), we saw a sizable two-day spike in Google rankings flux, as measured by MozCast. Temperatures on Friday reached 108°F. The original temperature on Thursday was 105°F, but that was corrected down to 99°F (more on that later). Digging in on Friday (March 1st), we saw a number of metrics shift, but most notably was a spike in page-one Google SERPs with more than 10 organic results. Across the 10,00
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Rewriting the Beginner's Guide to SEO, Chapter 7: Measuring, Prioritizing, & Executing SEO

March 1, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by BritneyMullerIt's finally here, for your review and feedback: Chapter 7 of the new Beginner's Guide to SEO, the last chapter. We cap off the guide with advice on how to measure, prioritize, and execute on your SEO. And if you missed them, check out the drafts of our outline, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, and Chapter Six for your reading pleasure. As always, let us know what you think of Chapter 7 i
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7 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Auditing Your Link Profile - Whiteboard Friday

February 28, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by KameronJenkinsFrom irrelevant, off-topic backlinks to cookie-cutter anchor text, there are more than a few clues hidden in your backlink profile that something spammy is going on. Alone they might not be something to worry about, but in conjunction, common red flags can spell trouble when you're performing an audit on your backlink profile. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Kameron Jenkins shares her best advice from years working with
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Affordable, Stat-Based Retail Strategy For Your Agency’s Clients

February 27, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by MiriamEllisRetail clients are battling tough economics offline and tough competitors online. They need every bit of help your agency can give them. I was heartened when 75 percent of the 1,400+ respondents to the Moz State of Local SEO Industry Report 2019 shared that they contribute to offline strategy recommendations either frequently or at least some of the time. I can't think of a market where good and relatively inexpensive exper
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Announcing domain-wide data in Search Console

February 27, 2019 | SEO Resources
Google recommends verifying all versions of a website -- http, https, www, and non-www -- in order to get the most comprehensive view of your site in Domain properties show data for all URLs under the domain name, including all protocols, subdomains, and paths. They give you a complete view of your website across Search Console, reducing the need to manually combine data. So regardless of whether you use m-dot URLs for mobile pages, or are (fina
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14 SEO Predictions for 2019 & Beyond, as Told by Mozzers

February 26, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by TheMozTeamWith the new year in full swing and an already busy first quarter, our 2019 predictions for SEO in the new year are hopping onto the scene a little late — but fashionably so, we hope. From an explosion of SERP features to increased monetization to the key drivers of search this year, our SEO experts have consulted their crystal balls (read: access to mountains of data and in-depth analyses) and made their predictions. Read o
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Advanced Linkbuilding: How to Find the Absolute Best Publishers and Writers to Pitch

February 25, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by KristinTynskiIn my last post, I explained how using network visualization tools can help you massively improve your content marketing PR/Outreach strategy —understanding which news outlets have the largest syndication networks empowers your outreach team to prioritize high-syndication publications over lower syndication publications. The result? The content you are pitching enjoys significantly more widespread link pickups. Today, I'm
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