4 Google My Business Fields That Impact Ranking (and 3 That Don't) — Whiteboard Friday

October 22, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by JoyHawkinsWith so many customization options in your Google My Business profile, it can be tough to decide what to focus on. But when it comes to ranking on the SERP, there are actually only four GMB fields that influence where your business will land. In this brand new Whiteboard Friday, MozCon speaker and owner/founder of Sterling Sky, Joy Hawkins, takes us through the fields she and her team has found do (and do not) effect rankings
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Basic Reputation Management for Better Customer Service

October 20, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by MiriamEllisThe Internet can be a great connector, but sometimes, it acts as a barrier. Your local business receives a negative review, and the slate-colored words on the bland white screen can seem so cold, remote. You respond, but the whole interaction feels stilted, formal, devoid of face-to-face human feelings, like this: At least when a complaint occurs via phone, the tone of a customer's voice tells you a bit more and you can stri
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There's Gold In Them Thar SERPs: Mining Important SEO Insights from Search Results

October 19, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by AndrewDennis33There's gold in them thar SERPs…gold I tell ya! Now, whether that phrase takes you back to a simpler (maybe? I don't know, I was born in the 80s) time of gold panning, Mark Twain, and metallurgical assay — or just makes you want some Velveeta shells and liquid gold (I also might be hungry) — the point is, there is a lot you can learn from analyzing search results. Search engine results pages (SERPs) are the mountains
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The State of Local SEO: Experts Weigh in on Industry-Specific Tactics

October 18, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by MiriamEllisThe COVID-19 pandemic has upended the way we engage with local businesses. We're ordering more food for delivery, spending more money in online shops, and checking for safety measures on the web listings of businesses of all kinds. But what do these new trends mean for the ways businesses market themselves online? We asked five local SEO experts to zero in on the trends and tactics businesses across five industries should foc
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10 Basic SEO Tips to Index + Rank New Content Faster — Best of Whiteboard Friday

October 15, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by Cyrus-ShepardWhen you publish new content, you want users to find it ranking in search results as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks in the SEO toolbox to help you accomplish this goal. Sit back, turn up your volume, and let Cyrus Shepard show you exactly how in this popular and informative episode of Whiteboard Friday. [Note: #3 isn't covered in the video, but we've included in the post below. Enjoy!]
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New Moz Local Plans Unveiled — With Reputation Management & Social Posting!

October 15, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by BarryYimWith listing and reputation management so essential for local businesses — especially in 2020 — we're introducing new Moz Local plans that give you more options for review monitoring, review management, and social posting, depending on your needs. While it's always been important for local businesses to have accurate and complete online listings, it's even more crucial in today's environment. Google found that searches for
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YouTube Dominates Google Video in 2020

October 14, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by Dr-PeteIn a study of 2.1M searches and 766K videos, YouTube accounted for 94% of all video carousel results on page one of Google, leaving little room for competition. Even the most casual video aficionado knows YouTube (acquired by Google in 2006). As a Google search user, you may even feel like you encounter more YouTube videos than videos from other sources, but does the data back this up? A Wall Street Journal article in June 2020
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Competitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry

October 12, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by HeatherPhysiocIn a world where search companies are a dime a dozen and brands tout bland "unique selling propositions" that aren't unique at all, how can you avoid drowning in the sea of sameness? What are you doing that's any different from every other SEO firm? In this article, you'll learn how to find, activate, and articulate your competitive advantage. You'll discover how to identify unique strengths and innovative offerings that e
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How to Create a Useful and Well-Optimized FAQ Page

October 11, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by AnnSmartyThe golden rule of marketing has always been: Don't leave your customer wondering, or you'll lose them. This rule also applies very well to SEO: Unless Google can find an answer — and quickly — they'll pick and feature your competitor. One way to make sure that doesn't happen is having a well set-up, well-optimized FAQ page. Your FAQ is the key to providing your customers and search engines with all the answers they might n
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Adjusting Featured Snippet Answers by Context

October 9, 2020 | SEO Resources
How Are Featured Snippet Answers Decided Upon?I recently wrote about Featured Snippet Answer Scores Ranking Signals. In that post, I described how Google was likely using query dependent and query independent ranking signals to create answer scores for queries that were looking like they wanted answers.One of the inventors of that patent from that post was Steven Baker. I looked at other patents that he had written, and noticed that one of thos
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