Building a Digital Experience Platform for Modern Commerce: 5 Must-Have Pillars

Ecompromo | February 1, 2018 | Web Marketing

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The forces of modern commerce have changed all the rules. Lessons learned back in the days of single-screen ecommerce did not adequately prepare us for selling in the age of mobile, augmented reality, conversational commerce, or “thing” commerce. These channels are creating opportunities to monetize products and services along the path to becoming a modern commerce business.

Let’s look at this from the customer’s perspective.

A customer’s interaction with brands takes on many shapes. The brand should recognize the customer, their purchase history, and interests regardless of the channel. In experience-driven commerce, the conversation between a company and a customer is fluid, moving from one touchpoint to another seamlessly. This is what defines modern commerce: a consistent brand experience that recognizes and addresses individuals on a personal basis with 1:1 pricing, product, and promotions.

Here are the five must-have pillars a digital experience platform should include to make modern commerce possible.

1. Content management

Content management systems allow companies to manage content across touchpoints in a unified application. One system fuels customer experiences for web, mobile and tablet applications. The most modern content management systems can even fuel Internet of Things, marquis, and social media-based customer experiences.

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