B2B Mobile Commerce Apps are Hot: Here’s Why

Ecompromo | May 22, 2019 | Web Marketing

Grainger location based lists in mobile b2b app

Mobile commerce apps for B2B are increasing, and with good reason — 80% of B2B buyers are using mobile at work, and more than 60% say mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase. With mobile commerce driving or influencing 40% of B2B revenue and 75% of B2B buyers prefer to self-serve than engage with sales reps – the case for dedicated mobile experiences is clear.

For industrial supplier Grainger, 41% of its mobile sales flow through its app. Wholesaler Bulq.com boasts iPhone app revenues up 457% over its desktop experience and a 93% repeat user rate. “Over half our shoppers are mobile at this point…once people use the app they kind of don’t go back to desktop” says Larisa Summers, VP of ecommerce.

How mobile applications support B2B commerce

Leading companies recognize desktop can’t support the entire customer journey. B2B buyers don’t live entirely behind a desk — many are on the job site, in the field, commuting or need offline access to products, account information, order tracking, knowledge bases, manuals and more.

Mobile-first features such as barcode scanning, image search, speech-to-text, location-aware services, gestures, offline …read more

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