B2B ecommerce: four challenges to overcome

Ecompromo | May 21, 2019 | Web Marketing


A successful B2B digital transformation doesn’t mean going from paper catalogs to artificial intelligence (AI) overnight. And as much as this phrase is overused, it really needs to be a “crawl, walk, run” venture for B2B organizations to succeed.

Before setting out on this digital transformation journey, let’s go over the challenges the industry currently faces and what steps other B2B organizations are taking to overcome them.

Time-honored analog relationships
For many B2B organizations they have spent most of their history offline. Having built customer relationships in-person or over the phone – all human interactions. Therefore, what B2B buyers have come to expect from sellers aren’t always a part of the buying experience when moving to digital. However, a small AI-powered implementation of say a chatbot can empower customer service reps with conversational marketing tools to cross-sell or upsell. Ecommerce chatbots can also allow customer service reps to engage with more than one customer at time, reducing lag time between serving clients. Learn how a 112-year old distributor transformed with a chatbot.

<img src="https://www.getelastic.com/wp-content/uploads/GettyImages-929901516-1200×800.jpg" alt="How an HVACR supplier increased their speed to market and online sales with a modern ecommerce platform" …read more

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