Adobe Summit Positions 2016 as the Year of the Digital Experience Wave

Ecompromo | April 10, 2016 | Web Marketing


Adobe Summit has wrapped up in Las Vegas, and while George Clooney and Donny Osmond were great as keynote speakers, there was one theme discussed among the thousands of attendees above all others, a thought that you just couldn’t shake: The digital “experience” is radically transforming business as we know it.

Adobe says that the Experience Business represents a new era in commerce — or a wave as Adobe calls it — that’s about creating an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint. Brad Rencher, EVP of Adobe’s Digital Marketing team, explained in his keynote how the past 50 years have seen three major waves of digital disruption — the back-office of the 1960s, the Front-office wave, and now the digital experience wave.

“This wave is about goose bumps, it’s about smiles, about bringing people together,” Rencher noted. “It’s even about nothing – it’s about doing our job so well that consumers don’t even know that you and I exist.”

Adobe’s vision of the digital experience platform is one that starts with great content that moves consumers to action while building a strong brand. Digital experiences are not just about websites and mobile apps, either, Adobe says. They’re also about driving traffic to physical …read more

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