5 reasons ecommerce should embrace blockchain [infographic]

Ecompromo | October 4, 2019 | Web Marketing

Having enjoyed a good run in the financial space for a while, blockchain technology is about to disrupt ecommerce.

A recent Statista report reveals that by 2021, the global blockchain market is expected to experience a surge of over 400 percent.

Since 2008, blockchain currency has changed how people view financial transactions. It wasn’t backed by any commodity and had no central authority or bank for that matter.

The ecommerce domain is one of the most lucrative sectors today, disrupting how we live and shop. Implementing blockchain technology in this space, therefore, will cause significant shifts as it’ll not only revolutionize how transactions are carried out but establish a decentralized economy.

Blockchain is simply a digital record of transactions or “blocks” that are backed by cryptographic values. Each of these blocks contains data about the transactions they represent, timestamps and links to previous blocks, which once created cannot be modified so it keeps the data valid.

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