5 Holiday Conversion Problems and How to Fix ‘Em

Ecompromo | September 9, 2015 | Web Marketing


As the “official” holiday season rapidly approaches (for some early birds, it’s already here), prepare for a massive uptick in sales – but also for unique problems that come with the busy season. Let’s examine 5 conversion problems and what you can do about them.

Site traffic increases

Peak shopping times spike sales but the additional load on your servers may slow down your site or crash it altogether. Even the largest ecommerce sites have crashed at the worst possible times, so no site can be over-prepared. Press your IT team to run traffic spike simulations, use a CDN (content delivery network) and leverage multiple servers. You can’t afford not to.

Page load speed affects your conversion rate and even SEO, so don’t neglect to fix the “little things” that add up to big drags on site performance. Use Google’s Page Speed tool to grab an itemized and prioritized report that quantifies the seconds you’ll save by tuning your site.

Comparison shoppers

Comparison shopping increases during the holiday season, which means more traffic and more abandoned carts. It also means more clicks on your PPC ads, and likely higher click prices. Converting comparison shoppers is challenging, but the following tips give you a …read more

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