3 Reasons Your CEO Wants an Omnichannel Approach

Ecompromo | July 19, 2016 | Web Marketing


By next year, Forrester estimates that digital technology will play a part in almost 60% of all in-store transactions, which will equate to roughly US$1.8 trillion. While most brands have spent decades building their physical presence, many are losing out online because they simply aren’t holding any digital real estate.

In today’s quickly changing market landscape, missing out on a segment of your target because you aren’t selling through a channel they frequent could mean business failure.

While you may understand the business critical nature of selling to your market with an omnichannel approach, your CEO and the rest of the C-suite may not be there yet. The sooner you can begin the omnichannel conversation with your CEO, the better. Here are three arguments for an omnichannel strategy that have helped many of our clients bring their CEO on board.

Customers Expect Great Digital Experiences

Your CEO is desperately trying to imagine the future to please a board of directors who want the business to still exist 50 years from now. With so many competing stakeholder interests, it is guaranteed that your CEO is concerned about making the best decisions possible for business longevity and customer approval.

It is a no brainer that your …read more

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