​Hot off the Presses: The MozCon Local 2016 Video Bundle

Ecompromo | April 5, 2016 | SEO Resources

Buy the MozCon Local 2016 Video Bundle!

Posted by EricaMcGillivray

As an online marketer, Local SEO and Marketing sometimes feels like you’re 8 years old and don’t know to flip the cassette over to the other side (because you were born in 2008). But have no fear — that’s part of the reason why we invited 16 local industry experts to share their best advice, tactical tips, data deep dives, experiences, and case studies at MozCon Local 2016. And for those of you who already groove to the Local SEO tune, we focus on bringing intermediate and advanced talks so you can level up.

For those who are like yes, please, now, and wow, it’s only $99:

Give me the knowledge! I’m already sold.

Special note for MozCon Local 2016 attendees: You should’ve received an email with a secret decoder ring (err, link) for your video access included in your ticket costs. If spam filters or your dog ate it, email our team at mozcon@moz.com.

Justine Jordan talks mobile email

Need a little convincing? (Or maybe you just like my blog posts. If you do, thumb it up!)

For those of you who need more persuasion, here’s what real MozCon Local attendees said about the knowledge level of these talks:

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