Picture of the Day

December 5, 2019 | Top Rated
No matter what experience level you are, you can use these tips to take amazing pictures. You will find out more about composition and features so you can take artistic and personal pictures. If you know that you have a really important shoot the next day, make sure that you get ample rest. Yes, a lack of sleep will directly result in loss of judgment, which will hurt the quality of the shots that you take. Get at least eight hours of rest th
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Local SEO for Nonprofit Organizations: 5 Tactics to Try Today

December 1, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by kellyjcoopMany marketing channels are interruptive by nature, meant to divert attention away from a task, be it reading and replying to emails, perusing articles online, browsing social feeds, listening to the radio, watching TV — the list goes on. SEO is one of the only marketing channels (the only?) that serves to first deliver something, instead of asking before delivering. At its core, SEO is used to deliver helpful content to pe
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When (and When Not) to Outsource Link Building

November 30, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by Alex-THave you ever outsourced link building? How did you like the experience? To be honest, mine was terrible. Allow me to share my story. When I had a typical 9-to-5 job as a marketing director at SEMrush, we made a decision to get more links from the top resources in our segment. We ended up hiring an agency to help us build these links. The agency was charging us an outrageous $13K a month, but, unfortunately, the high price didn't
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Image Link Building — Best of Whiteboard Friday

November 26, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by BritneyMullerLast week, we took you into the future with SEO expert Britney Muller to explore link prospecting in 2021. This week, we're going back in time — all the way to 2017 — for her concrete advice on an important part of building links: image link building. Image link building is a delicate art. There are some distinct considerations from traditional link building, and doing it successfully requires a balance of creativity, c
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New and improved crawl stats for your site

November 24, 2020 | SEO Resources
To help website owners better understand how crawls their sites, we're launching a brand new version of the in Search Console. ...read more
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Daily SEO Fix: Collecting, Organizing, and Tracking Keywords with Moz Pro

November 22, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by KerryDugganSo we meet again, keyword research... Now more than ever, we're depending on the online world for our day-to-day activities. We're making use of the web for learning and studying, shopping, paying bills, and for the majority of our entertainment and social needs. This means the need for search engines to provide us with what we're looking for has never been more relevant. Google's algorithm focuses on how to fulfill search in
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How to Get Backlinks in 2021 [Series Part 2: Prospecting] — Whiteboard Friday

November 19, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by BritneyMullerAs we head into 2021, the work of reclaiming lost links and building new ones remains crucial. In this week's brand new episode of Whiteboard Friday, SEO expert Britney Muller is back with the second installment in her link building series, this time walking us through some tips and tricks for an important part of your link building journey: link prospecting. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high res
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We moved! Introducing the new home for the Google Webmasters blogs

November 18, 2020 | SEO Resources
Last week we changed our name to Google Search Central and published our new central site. As part of this site migration, we're also consolidating the Google Webmaster Blogs into one place on the new site. Today, we're announcing that this page within the Google Search Central site is the new home for our blog. We migrated all of the archived blog posts, dating back to 2005. ...read more
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Business as Unusual: How to Communicate Your New and Updated Services with Google My Business

November 17, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by ktaingSince the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, business owners have had to move quickly to make drastic changes in their services to meet searchers' new needs in a continuously unpredictable landscape. While “Near me” searches saw a slight drop in early 2020, since then, have maintained a steady increase, further solidifying the need for brands and businesses of all sizes to be present and discoverable online. During the pan
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The New Best Practices for Native Advertising on Editorial Sites

November 16, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by MeganRoseMDigital advertising is different nowadays. How and when we interact with ads online drastically changed in March when COVID-19 ushered in a new era of rolling global lockdowns, not to mention lifestyle changes that none of us could predict. And for native advertising in particular, ad performance has always relied on the nature of consumer behavior on the sites where they appear. Because they fit the form and function of their
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6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

November 15, 2020 | SEO Resources
Posted by amandamilliganBecoming an authoritative brand is no easy feat, but the massive benefits are worth the effort. When you've built authority, potential customers and clients begin to count on you and trust you — and it's hard to imagine that trust not leading to a sale (at some point). But how exactly can a brand begin to build, or build upon, their authority? Content is an excellent way, and in this article, I'll go through my tips on h
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