Five ways eprocurement can revolutionize supply chain management

September 19, 2019 | Web Marketing
As businesses seek to optimize their supply chains and find cost savings in the procurement process, eProcurement platforms have been widely adopted. With eProcurement, businesses benefit from greater insight and accountability in the procurement process, both of which contribute to cost control and better relationships with suppliers. 1. Increased Supply Chain Visibility Supply chain management is an essential business function, yet many b
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What are the limitations of .NET core API? Things you should know

September 18, 2019 | Web Marketing
For more than a decade, the .NET framework has been the main platform for Microsoft stack developers writing code. The framework is very popular when it comes to developing an ecommerce store – having a full feature-rich set of tools suitable for building any type of app. As with most things in this world, there are disadvantages – as is with this framework. .NET was specially designed for Windows, but its usage was purely limited to on
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Wicked Quick: Facebook chatbot remarketing tips with Larry Kim

September 17, 2019 | Web Marketing
For this week's Wicked Quick, we caught up with Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream and Facebook Messenger marketing platform MobileMonkey on how to optimize chatbots for ecommerce. Larry will be speaking on The Top 7 Chatbot Marketing Hacks of All Time at Unbounce's Call to Action Conference in Vancouver, BC this month. How have you seen ecommerce sites most effectively using Facebook chatbots and Messenger remarketing? In a messenger dialog, you c
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How to Automate Pagespeed Insights For Multiple URLs using Google Sheets

September 16, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by James_McNultyCalculating individual page speed performance metrics can help you to understand how efficiently your site is running as a whole. Since Google uses the speed of a site (frequently measured by and referred to as PageSpeed) as one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages, it's important to have that insight down to the page level. One of the pain points in website performance optimization, however, is the lack of a
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Making Review Rich Results more helpful

September 16, 2019 | SEO Resources
Search results that are enhanced by review rich results can be extremely helpful when searching for products or services (the scores and/or “stars” you sometimes see alongside search results). To make them more helpful and meaningful, we are now introducing algorithmic updates to reviews in rich results. This also addresses some of the invalid or misleading implementations webmasters have flagged to us. Focus on schema types that lend themsel
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Pricing psychology: 6 ways to influence perceived value

September 16, 2019 | Web Marketing
Value is emotional, largely unconscious and we as consumers can be influenced by surprising things. Today we look at several case studies on value perception that you may consider testing on your own site and promotional campaigns. Try charm pricing — with caution You're undoubtedly aware of charm pricing — the oldest pricing tactic in the book — where marking a $2 item $19.99 or $20 at $19.99 feels like a lower price. Does this work online
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10 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore

September 15, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by David_FarkasEven though link building has been a trade for more than a decade, it's clear that there is still an enormous amount of confusion around it. Every so often, there is a large kerfuffle. Some of these controversies and arguments arise simply from a necessity to fill a content void, but some of them arise from genuine concern and confusion: “Don't ask for links!” “Stick a fork in it, guest posting is done!” “Try to av
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New Keyword Tool

September 14, 2019 | SEO Resources
Our keyword tool is updated periodically. We recently updated it once more. For comparison sake, the old keyword tool looked like this Whereas the new keyword tool looks like this The upsides of the new keyword tool are: fresher data from this year more granular data on ad bids vs click prices lists ad clickthrough rate more granular estimates of Google AdWords advertiser ad bids more emphasis on commercial oriented keywords With the new colu
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E-A-T and the Quality Raters' Guidelines - Whiteboard Friday

September 12, 2019 | SEO Resources
Posted by MarieHaynesEAT — also known as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness — is a big deal when it comes to Google's algorithms. But what exactly does this acronym entail, and why does it matter to your everyday work? In this bite-sized version of her full MozCon 2019 presentation, Marie Haynes describes exactly what E-A-T means and how it could have a make-or-break effect on your site. Click on the whiteboard image abov
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6 time management tips for fulfillment managers

September 12, 2019 | Web Marketing
Oversee order processing, monitor inventories, and most importantly, manage a team of logistics professionals in an effective and efficient way – that's just the top of the list of what fulfillment managers have to think about and solve daily. Customer orders must be properly received, processed and delivered for maximizing customer satisfaction and for ensuring business' growth. All of this, of course, requires strong organizational skills
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